Well, not ALL things Asian; that would take all day!

I just wanted to touch on three completely unrelated things that fall under the totally broad, totally stereotypical banner; “Asian”.

#1 Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden
Have you read this book? No, the movie doesn’t count. If you haven’t, immeadiately drop what you’re doing and order a copy on Amazon. If you have, take a moment and revisit its beauty with me.
Memoirs of a Geisha (pronounced gay-sha, not gee-sha) is the story of a young Japanese girl sold into geisha-dom. Its beautiful, its poingnant, its heartbreaking. Its extremely well written and you won’t want to put it down. Geishas, though beautiful, elegant, intriguing and an integral part of Japenese culture, were women treated as slaves. Owned, the entertainment of men, their virginity sold to the highest bidder. The story is a beautiful portrayal of that dichotomy. And enchantingly beautiful world, faced starkly with the reality that women have been and continue to be, absolutely objectified.
Go. Get. It.


#2 Rice
No, I’m not talking about Uncle Ben’s Minute Rice or the gross crunchy stove top version that white people insist upon using.
I’m talking about the easiest, most delicious side in the world. It literally takes 45 seconds of active time and 15 minutes of “forget about it”. I’m talking about the fluffy, sticky, white goodness that you think only exists out of Chinese food take out boxes.
All you need is a rice maker (there are plenty of ~$25 options on Amazon, thought my Japanese almost-father-in-law insists that only the floral patterened ones are worth purchasing), some short grained white rice (nothing that comes out of a box. Grab a bagged version at the grocery store or pick up a 20 lb bag at your local asian market if you’re like me and enthralled by the ease of rice with everything) and 2/1 water ratio. Then toss in another 1/8th of a cup of water for good measure. Plug it in, switch to cook mode, throw a lid on and wait for that beautiful “POP” that means steamy delicious goodness is ready.
Enjoy fresh topped with a little soy, mix with half and half, cheese and copious amounts of salt for my white mother’s incredible version or use as a side for pretty much anything.

My boyfriend’s dad will make a pot of rice if the main is spaghetti. Don’t sweat it, stay calm and rice on.

#3 These dumplings though
You can handle this, I promise. So easy, albeit time consuming, so delicious. Sub ground chicken if you can’t justify pork dumplings for dinner. Fry in a little vegetable oil at the end and enjoy with copious amounts of sake!


Okay, I’m sneaking in a fourth because I can’t help it♡


PS…I know I’m a white girl, I’m blogging at the park for God’s sake listening to Luke Bryant, but immersing myself in other cultures is my favorite. If I can go to the Asian market and hold my breath through thirty minutes of aisle searching for dashi or miso, so can you. Take a step out of your comfort zone and experience zomething new. That mac and cheese and Vampire Diaries can wait until tomorrow. Promise.