Happy March, friends!

Although its been a beautiful winter, I can’t say I’m not excited for warmer months and what lies ahead!

I can’t believe we’re already starting the 3rd month of 2016! I don’t know if its that as I grow older I’m getting more conscious or that its just easier to focus on the smaller aspects of life when you have a rarely-changing daily routine, but looking back on January and February, I feel like I’ve already made some very positive changes this year.

One person whom I follow on Instagram mentioned in January that she was going to do monthly goals instead of uearky resolutions, and although I still have a new year’s resolution list taped to my bathroom mirror, I love the idea. Its so easy to get excited on New Year’s Eve and make all these plans and goals to eat better, exercise more, do more of this, less of that. But its also very easy, as we all know, to quickly loose motivation and forget all about it by May.

Inadvertently, I feel like I made a positive change in both January and February. In January I signed up for a month at my local yoga studio and took 3 classes per week. In February I managed to read 4 books, which is more than I think I read in all of 2015. I did not set an intention to make positive changes in each month. They both sort of just manifested. And now I’m motivated to keep the trend going. I’m not quite sure what will stick yet, but I took the Pulse Pledge, to eat pulses (chick peas, dry peas, beans or lentils) at least once a week and I’d like to take that further by really focusing on meat-less meals once or twice a week. I also started a 30 day ab challenge (crunches, sit-ups and squats) that I found floating around the web. Maybe it’ll be something else entirely.

I think its important to start small. Tackling everything you want to change at once is daunting. Even a month is a big commitment to something. Sometimes all you can do is commit to single choices to make yourself better. And start from there. Yes, maybe committing to eating paleo or vegan or whatever, even just for a two week cleanse, is utterly unattainable, but choosing to drink fresh pressed juice for lunch and avoiding sugar that evening is not. Giving up all negativity is a big goal, but choosing not to say anything negative for a day is not. Each morning is a new start. Each breath is a new chance to be better, whatever that means for you. So join me in making a goal for March, or don’t. Maybe just promise yourself to go on a walk at lunch tomorrow, or journal tonight.

I know you can do it!

Just in case you were wondering...