Yesterday, I gave my boss my thirty day notice. We gave our landlord our thirty day notice. We’re doing something big and exciting and kind of scary! We’re putting our stuff in a storage unit, packing the essentials in the Subaru and headed North for the summer. We’re going to live out of the car and explore Alberta. We’re definitely headed to Banff and Jasper, but are going on a walk-about of sorts. No plan, no agenda, just me, my love, my pup and a (hopefully!) trusty Subaru.

I am excited and terrified. I’ve envied those people on Instagram who take off for places unknown. The freedom of not being tied down to anything. Yes, its only 6 weeks. Yes, its only Canada. But its the biggest thing we’ve ever done. Its scary, to leave a good paying job, the home we’ve made together, our friends and family. But its time for a reset. I need my eyes opened and my soul refreshed. And I know it’ll be just that.

We leave July 1st and will be back mid-August. Prayers, good intentions and gas giftcards welcome! 😉